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Dogs love Cascade Pet Camp! And why not?


Every day gives the opportunity for plenty of outdoor time, exercise, and interaction with camp counselors. By bedtime, our canine campers are happy and tired—ready for a good night’s sleep in one of our three overnight lodging options for dogs.

Whether you choose a patio cabin, window cabin or the bunkhouse for your canine camper, be assured that each space is kept clean, fresh and comfortable, thanks to our state-of-the-art cleaning, ventilation and climate-control systems.

Our highly qualified staff carefully supervise each camper to make sure everyone has a great time and stays healthy. All campers receive a comprehensive daily wellness check, three outdoor potty breaks, maid service, and meal service.

Be sure to sign up your dog for one of our add-on activity packages so they can enjoy the full camp experience. We also offer training packages and special care for surgery recovery or other medical issues.

And of course you want your dog to come home smelling fresh and clean, so don’t forget to schedule a grooming service for departure day!

  • Two camp activities

  • Evening Tuck-in

  • Choice of Treat

Happy Camper package

Our most popular activity package!

$28.95 (15% discount)

  • Three camp activities

  • Evening Tuck-in with Bedtime Story

  • Choice of Treat

  • Cabin or Patio Upgrade (if available)

Spoil 'Em Rotten package

The name says it all! 

$39.95 (18% discount)

  • Two "special care" camp activities

  • Additional Wellness checks

  • Evening Tuck-in with Bedtime Story

  • Choice of Treat

  • Medication Administration

  • Orthopedic Bedding Upgrade

  • Cabin or Patio Upgrade (if available)

TLC package

For dogs needing special care

$39.95 (25% discount)

  • One camp activity

  • Additional Sniff-n-Piddle Break

  • Choice of Treat

Playful Paws package

For the less active camper

$17.95 (10% discount)

  • Two camp activities

  • Three additional Puppy Potty Breaks

  • Evening Tuck-in with Bedtime Story

  • Chew Training Treat

perfect puppy package

For puppies developing healthy habits!

$29.95 (40% discount)

*Required for puppies under 6 months old


Activity Descriptions


Your dog gets lots of exercise playing fetch, tug, frisbee or chase with a camp counselor in our fields or indoor playroom.


A leashed walk with a camp counselor gives your dog an opportunity to sniff and explore while exercising and enjoying one-on-one attention.


A camp counselor gives your dog lots of belly rubs, cuddles and individual attention- just like you would at home!


Your dog can join his friends for group play in our fields or indoor playroom, depending on the weather. We assign dogs to groups by size, personality and play style. Groups do not exceed a ratio of 10 campers per camp counselor. Each session lasts 45-60 minutes, depending on the group's activity level.


All campers enjoy three potty breaks throughout the day. For dogs that need extra time outside, ask for additional Sniff n' Piddle Breaks.


These supervised, individual 5-10 minute potty breaks for puppies are designed to reinforce your house-training. After pups do their business, a camp counselor rewards them with lots of praise and a treat.


At tuck-in time, a camp counselor pampers your dog with lots of hands-on attention while encouraging him to relax and settle down for the evening. If you like, our counselor can also read your dog a bedtime story before turning out the lights and saying goodnight.

***Pet care industry research and our own experience at Cascade Pet Camp tell us the more activity and human interaction pets receive, the happier and healthier they are. And, because dogs and cats are so routine-based, they enjoy the most benefit from activities that happen every day. We’ve found that involving our campers in daily activities, especially on arrival day, helps them settle in quickly and have a great camp experience!



Cascade Pet Camp’s customized cat cabins make even the most discriminating felines feel right at home. Completely separate from the dog areas, our quiet, just-for-cat quarters provide kitty campers a secure, cheerful and mentally stimulating indoor environment. Each cat (or multi-cat family) takes turns exploring our spacious kitty playroom, equipped with toys, climbing trees, and plush perches.

Natural lighting and outdoor views—including a bird feeder by the window—offer entertainment and mental stimulation. Meanwhile, large interior windows give cat campers a view of the lobby, so they can keep a close eye on our counselors at work checking campers in and out. And every kitty camper has a chance to soak up lots of attention during regular visits from Camp Counselors.


Individual cat cabins feature separate sleeping and potty areas (filled with bio-degradable, corn-based litter), plus a living room furnished with a perch for napping or just hanging out. Individual ventilation systems ensure healthy, fresh air. Meals can be served up to three times daily or left out at all times, depending on your preferences. 

You can also choose to pamper your cat with additional TLC from a Counselor. Just ask for our add-on Cat Cuddles activity when you make your reservation.


A camp counselor gives your kitty camper plenty of one-on-one, hands-on attention. Cats who like to play will love our fun, interactive toys to chase and pounce on!


Why Choose Us?

Safety First

  • Trained & Experienced camp counselors on site 24/7

  • Securely fenced outdoor play areas

  • Fully matted indoor play areas

  • State-of-the-art ventilation system

  • Veterinary Warranty Program

Happy and Healthy

  • Science-based focus on physical and behavioral health

  • Fresh air and daily activity

  • Climate-controlled living quarters

  • Comfortable cots or beds in every room

  • Soothing music played indoors

  • Daily maid service

Camp Fun for Dogs

  • One-on-One playtime and walks

  • Supervised group play sessions (if appropriate)

  • Outdoor potty breaks at least 3 times per day

  • Regular contact with camp counselors

  • Good manners training

Camp Fun for Cats

  • Cat cabin completely seperated from dog areas

  • Indoor playroom for exercise or hanging out

  • Outside views for mental stimulation

  • Regular contact with camp counselors

Pets Deserve a Vacation Too!

Whether you’re planning your dream vacation, dealing with an unexpected trip, or frequently traveling as part of your job, we take the guilt and worry out of leaving your pets behind.The trusted source for pet boarding in the Columbia River Gorge, Cascade Pet Camp helps ensure your pets receive all the love and comfort of home plus all the fun and adventure of camp—all under the supervision of our trained staff.


Call now for information on our Boarding Rates, Frequent Camper Discounts & Long Term Stays!


A Safe, Fun Alternative to Pet Sitters

Leaving your pet in the care of friends, neighbors or pet sitters is often a gamble. A couple of short visits a day just aren’t enough to keep your dog or cat from being lonely and at risk of injury or sudden illness.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to keep your pets safe, healthy and happy whenever you leave without them. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that our trained staff are on-site monitoring our campers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We even offer special care for dogs and cats with post-surgical or other medical needs.

Cascade Pet Camp was designed and built with your pets in mind, incorporating safety features such as 7-foot-tall fencing in outdoor play areas, proper indoor ventilation and cleaning systems for a disease-free environment, and rubber-matted flooring in all indoor exercise areas for safe play.