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Why Choose Us?

Leaving your pet in the care of friends, neighbors or pet sitters is often a gamble. A couple of short visits a day just aren’t enough to keep your dog or cat from being lonely and at risk of injury or sudden illness.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to keep your pets safe, healthy and happy whenever you leave without them. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that our trained staff are on-site monitoring and engaging with your pets in an attentive and caring manner. We even offer special care for dogs and cats with post-surgical or other medical needs.

Cascade Pet Camp was designed and built with your pets in mind, incorporating safety features such as 7-foot-tall fencing in outdoor play areas, proper indoor ventilation and cleaning systems for a disease-free environment, and rubber-matted flooring in all indoor exercise areas for safe play.

At Cascade Pet Camp, your dog’s boarding experience goes beyond just a place to stay while you are away. 

At Cascade Pet Camp, your dog’s boarding experience goes beyond just a place to stay while you are away.  Our mission at CPC is to use the boarding experience to build on your dog’s skills to improve their daily interactions in everyday life!  Just like us, dogs often like variety and we can change up their daily activity to expose them to a variety of interactive options, therefore, included in each stay, we offer an activity tailored to your dog’s needs and personality.

Included in our full-service boarding offering is the ability to manage any food type, administer medications and supplements, and provide 1:1 attention to each dog as relates to activity modification for their mental and physical well-being.

In your absence, our team will treat your dog like one of our own.

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Good Things to Know When Booking Your Stay

While you’re away, your pup will be housed in the comfort of our clean, climate-controlled accommodations.  We have a selection of large & small dog runs as well as private rooms with patio and private window rooms, all with heated floors.  For sleeping comfort, we provide Kurunda dog beds and blankets for your dog’s stay, as well as dishes for food & water.

If you would like to bring your own bed, toys or a personal belonging, no problem!  However, while we make every effort to return toys and personal items in the condition they arrived, we don’t judge how your dog choses to use their stuff! 

With over 5+ acres of land, a 10,000sqft indoor training building, CPC offers both indoor and outdoor exercise options, with a caring, professional team of staff members that diligently curates activity options for your dog each day.


  • Kennel ~4'x4'x4'  (Dogs up to 30 lb) - $55/Night

  • Large Run ~3'x 7'  (Medium/large dogs) - $60/night

    • Dogs from one family may share 2 adjoining Large runs​

  • Window Room ~8'x8' -  $70/night

  • Patio Room ~8'x8' with outdoor lanai - $75/night

Included in each stay is a daily activity tailored to your dog’s needs and personality as well as three outside potty breaks. 

Vaccination Requirements prior to Boarding

Please provide us with proof of these vaccinations, or have your vet fax / email us the appropriate documents. All campers must be current with the following vaccinations (or Distemper/Parvo titers with proof from your veterinarian):

For Dogs                                             

  • DHPP ("Distemper/Parvo")

  • Bordetella

  • Rabies

  • Negative Fecal FloatTest                          (Annual Requirement)


For Cats

  • Rabies


Meal-Time & Medication Needs

We encourage you to provide all food items for your dog’s stay in order to avoid intestinal distress. Alternatively, CPC offers high quality kibble that we can provide to your pet. At check-in, we note your feeding instructions and make every attempt to maintain the routine your dog is accustomed to. 

Have medications needing to be administered?  We are qualified and able to do this for your canine companion and charge a small daily administration fee based on delivery method and frequency. Please bring all Prescription Medications in their original bottles with labels from your veterinarian. 


For Dogs

 State-of-the-art cleaning, ventilation and climate-control systems

Every day gives the opportunity for plenty of outdoor time, exercise, and interaction with our lead handlers. By bedtime, pups are happy and tired—ready for a good night’s sleep in one of our four overnight lodging options for dogs. Our highly qualified staff carefully supervise each animal to make sure everyone has a great time and stays healthy.


All animals receive a comprehensive daily wellness check, three outdoor potty breaks, an included activity, maid service, and meal service.

  • Science-based focus on physical and behavioral health

  • Fresh air and daily activity

  • Climate-controlled living quarters

  • Comfortable cots or beds in every room

  • Soothing music played indoors

  • Daily maid service

For Cats

Natural lighting and outdoor views

Cascade Pet Camp’s customized cat cabins make even the most discriminating felines feel right at home. Completely separate from the dog areas, our quiet, just-for-cat quarters provide kitty boarders a secure, cheerful and mentally stimulating indoor environment. Each cat (or multi-cat family) takes turns exploring our spacious kitty playroom, equipped with toys, climbing trees, and plush perches.

Natural lighting and outdoor views—including a bird feeder by the window—offer entertainment and mental stimulation. Meanwhile, large interior windows give cat boarders a view of the lobby, so they can keep a close eye on our team at work checking animals in and out. And every cat has a chance to soak up lots of attention during regular visits from our team.

Individual cat cabins feature separate sleeping and litter box areas (filled with bio-degradable, corn-based litter), plus a living room furnished with a perch for napping or just hanging out. Individual ventilation systems ensure healthy, fresh air. Meals can be served up to three times daily or left out at all times, depending on your preferences. ​

$30/night - now with Triple the space!

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Don't forget to schedule your grooming session prior departure day.

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